Our Statements and Pathways to Prosperity

Mission Statement


Building Bridges from Hunger to Hope


Vision Statement


Creating Communities without Hunger


Belief Statements


We Believe

No child should go to bed hungry.


We Believe

No senior citizen should have to choose between food and medication.


We Believe…

Parents should not have to decide between paying rent and feeding their children.


We Believe…

Families who are trying to do the right thing deserve a hand up.


We Believe…

A community working together can    solve its problems.


Pathways to Prosperity


We believe the first pathway to prosperity is what we can do for ourselves,

and what we can learn from one another to do for ourselves.


We believe the second pathway to prosperity comes through connecting our clients to the resources available to them.


We believe the third pathway to prosperity comes through the emergency food relief provided through the Food Bank’s network of hunger relief organizations.

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