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Ordering Guidelines for picking up at the FBNCA - TBA


Ordering Guidelines for direct deliveries - TBA


FAQ on Ordering


Why do I need to send my order in before I am given a pickup/delivery date and time?

There is a great deal of planning and preparation that our team must accomplish in order to properly serve you and our other agencies across our nine county service area.  It is critical that we have your order in advance so we can ensure that pickups and deliveries are accomplished in a timely fashion.  This will protect your agency’s staff and volunteer time as well as ours.




Commodity Monthly Inventory Reporting  Click Here

Inventory must be taken at the end of each month and your completed form submitted to the Food Bank of North Central Arkansas within one week of the end of the month. For example if inventory is taken on July 31st then your completed form must be submitted no later than August 7th. If your form is not received by email or mail by that date you will lose your ability to receive monthly commodities.    Email to , or mail to P.O. Box 128 - Norfork, Arkansas 72658


Agency Monthly Report Click Here

After completing the form, please fax or e-mail it to our office before the 10th of each month. Don't forget to share your success stories with us as a part of your report.


FAQ on Reporting


Why does my Agency need to Report?

We are required to report meals and pounds distributed in our service area to USDA and Feeding America.  The data on your Agency Reports are also valuable to us as we apply for grant to offset costs associated with obtaining, processing, warehousing and distributing food to your agency.  Grant dollars help us keep are Shared Maintenance Fees low so your dollars go farther. 


Sample Agency Documents


Client Application/USDA and pick up sheet Click Here
Daily tally sheet – Click Here

These are documents that we use at the Norfork Food Pantry. You are welcome to use them for your work.   If you need the original so you can make changes please email Mary Jo at  


Good Practices for Food Storage


Shelf Life Determination – Click Here

If you are not sure how long an item is good past it's "use by date"? Use this list to determine food shelf life. This list will enable you to put more good food on the tables of your clients.


Temperature Log – Click Here

Agencies need to keep a log of the daily temperatures on all freezers and refrigerators that store food to be distributed to clients. These temperatures need to be taken a minimum of once a day, each day that the agency is open and if possible every day.


Good Practices Update – Click Here


Programs to offer your Clients


Power to Care – Click Here

Learn how to help clients with electric bills


USDA Commodities – Click Here
This application will be used by agencies distributing USDA Commodities. All clients of USDA eligible agencies need to have a completed form for each client they serve in their files.


Waver of Services of Interpreter Click Here

If a client cannot communicate with the agency staff/volunteer they need to be offered the opportunity to speak with an interpreter. If they decline to have an interpreter this form should be filled out and maintained as record that an interpreter was offered.


Cooking Matters at the Store – Upcoming Dates TBA

Individuals take a guided tour of the grocery store. Where there learn about labels, pricing structures, and general nutritional needs. After the tour and a brief written survey attendees will receive a $10 store gift card. You may know this as Shopping Matters


Cooking Matters – Upcoming Dates TBA

Individuals take this course over a few weeks and are instructed in meal preparation, menu planning and general nutrition. Each class they will be given "homework", they will take food home and be asked to prepare a meal with it. Attendees will also receive gifts related to meal prep.


Move Up & Ready 2 Work Classes Upcoming Dates

These are classes designed to help individuals obtain and/or maintain steady employment.


Need more information? Just call 499-7565 or email one of our staff...


Jeff Quick -


(Staff, Board of Directors, Banks, Ballard & Company, Wells Fargo)

Presentations to the Public

(Regarding any topic.)

Searcy County Mobile Pantry


Website/Social Media


Mary Jo McLean -

Bridge Bash



Presentations to the Public

(Regarding any topic.)

Assistance with making a donation.

Assistance with receiving donation history

Assistance with receiving receipt letter for donations.


Website/Social Media


Brian Maness -

Agency Ordering

Agency Pickup/Delivery

Food Safety & Handling

Information Technologies


Building, Vehicles, & Grounds


Susan Gregory -

No Kid Hungry Campaign

No Kid Hungry Pilot Programs

SNAP & WIC Outreach

Shopping Matters

Cooking Matters

Move Up

(Life Skills classes)


(Job Skills classes)

Childhood Hunger Summit

Community Table Events

Presentations to the Public

(Regarding No Kid Hungry Campaign.)


Victoria Moore -


(INCOMING: Monthly Agency Reports, USDA Monthly Reports)

(OUTGOING: Feeding America Reports, ARHA Reports, USDA Reports)





Carol Petty -

General Agency Information

(Including: Becoming an Agency, Criteria, Selection)

Agency Conferences

Agency Monitoring



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